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Rasna group has founded Areez Khambatta Benevolent Trust


We would like to inform you that Rasna Pvt. Ltd. has set up Areez Khambatta Benevolent Trust as a CSR arm of Rasna Group.
Our Trust in collaboration with CIMS Hospital has come out with super specialty CIMS-KHAMBATTA LINAC CENTRE which houses one of the most advanced Radio Therapy Linac machine imported from Sweden with India's best Doctors team of Cancer Specialists and infrastructure.
The treatment would be done almost at minimal rate for needy patients for whom many times the prohibitive cost of treatment leads to great agony and even death.
I take this liberty to request you to pass on this message to maximum patients at large.

World class cancer treatment now available to masses
Areez Khambatta Benevolent Trust and Care Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS) announce the launch of CIMS Khambatta Linac Centre at CIMS Cancer Centre. Areez Khambatta Benevolent Trust, CSR initiative of Rasna Group, has donated advanced Elekta High Radiation therapy Linac machine imported from Sweden to CIMS Cancer Centre. This advanced machine offers effective and world-class treatment to needy patients in Gujarat at an affordable cost. CIMS Khambatta Linac Centre is an endeavor and commitment by Areez Khambatta Benevolent Trust to make cancer treatment affordable to all needy patients.
Cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths in India. About three million patients suffer from this disease, with a million new cases being reported every year. The disease is expected to rise five-fold by 2025. India reports 1 million new cancer cases every year. Cancer today is a big scorn to all families be it rich or poor living in city or village. It is unfortunately true that thousands of patients die every year because of the costly unaffordable treatment. In such a scenario,
the availability of cancer treatment at affordable price to mass assumes huge importance. The advanced ELEKTA HIGH RADIATION THERAPY LINAC machine offers very effective and focused treatment of Cancer by
• Accurate dose delivery through integrated digital control
• Choice of high quality imaging modalities
• Integrated solution to ensure fast patient throughout.
• Largest IGRT field of view. 50 x 26 cm for more soft tissue visualization
• 45 cm isocenter clearance for maximum flexibility in treatment techniques.
With the initiative of Areez Khambatta Benevolent Trust, this effective and focused treatment by Gujarat's leading team of radiation oncologists, cancer surgeons and medical oncologists is available to needy patients at 210,000/- to 330,000/- which is normally available between 30,000/- to 1,00,000/- at at leading cancer hospitals. CIMS Khambatta Linac Centre treats approximately 20-30 patients a day (from a total of more than 100 patients treated daily at the CIMS Cancer Centre).