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Rasna group has founded Areez Khambatta Benevolent Trust


We would like to inform you that Rasna has set up a trust Areez Khambatta Benevolent Trust which is the CSR arm of Rasna group. Our Trust in association with Blind Peoples Association Ahmedabad has come out with a project namely Save Sight Ahmedabad. The whole idea of Saye Sight Ahmedabad is to ensure that people below the poverty line get the advantage of high quality eye care at almost nil cost and even restoration of vision of dependent poor and needy people.
We are happy to inform you that under this project we have already conducted close to 16000 eye surgeries and the objective is to conduct 5000 eye surgeries in a year. Not only that under this project we have also come out with an awareness campaign so that people get their eye checked free of cost as prevention is better than cure are people who are not able to come on their own they are provided with transportation and meal to make the whole experience comfortable.
I am enclosing herewith some photographs and the procedure to take the advantage of Save Sight Ahmedabad programm.
I take this liberty to request you to pass on this message to maximum patients at large.
I end this note with a request let us join together to make the Save Sight Ahmedabad project a great success.


Cataract extraction accounts for a significant proportion of the surgical workload of Ophthalmologists and cataract surgery continues to be the commonest elective surgical procedure performed on the older people in the country,
Keeping in View the need of eye sight restoration surgery, Save Sight Ahmedabad project initiated with the support from Areez Khambatta Benevolent Trust by Blind People's Association.


Restoration of vision and self-dependence of cataract affected poor older and needy persons in Ahmedabad.


Patient Arrival
Patients with Minor eye ailments are treated immediately provided with medicines and are letgo
Patients requiring Cataract Surgery undergo further testing including Blood - Sugar Test, Blood Pressure Test and Ocular Pressure Test
Lunch and dinner is provided to the patient and one escort until the patient is discharged
A fitness for Surgery Certificate is provided to the patient by a Medical Doctor A Consent Paper is signed by the Patient
Patient and his/her escort (if required) are transferred to the Hospital at Bareja
Medication as required is administered
Antibioticeye drops and other required antibiotic medicine is administered at night


Patient is given a set of suitable clothes for the surgery
Eye dilation medicine is administered
Eye Surgeon checks the eyes
Surgeon issues a Final Certificate
Patient is taken to the Operating Theater
Small incision Cataract Surgery procedure is used A four blade disposable instrument is used for the surgery
Intra Ocularlensis inserted
Post-operative medicine is administered to the patient
Patient is transferred to a recovery area


Patient discharge procedure begins
Removal of dressing
Provide post-operative medicines
Post-operative counseling is given to the patient
A pair of dark glasses are provided to the patient
Patient being discharged after proper post op. follow-up and send back to camp destination from where they have been brought


1. Reached out to the poorest of the poor.
2. Vulnerable elderly persons been focused.
3. Reaching to the Patients who are not able to reach the hospital.
4. Daily labours back to their job after corrective surgery


1. State of the art Operation Theater.
2. Top quality post-surgical care.
3. Staffs are qualified and humane.