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Rasna group has founded Areez Khambatta Benevolent Trust


Partnering for health-care of newborns in Charotar region of Gujarat

The Areez Khambatta Benevolent Trust has been making a substantial contribution for the betterment of society for many years now. Our commitment includes earmarking 10% of our profits for activities related to corporate social responsibility in the areas of Health-care and Education. Our health-care programmes for the underprivileged cover a large number of free eye surgeries as well as setting up a Radiation Therapy facility.
When we learnt that the 850-bed Shree Krishna Hospital located at Karamsad, and managed by the Charutar Arogya Mandal set up by Dr HM Patel and taken forward by Dr Amrita Patel has been serving the needy and indigent patients for the past 38 years, and is the largest health-care facility between Ahmedabad and Vadodara with 450 of its beds - the Aashirwad beds (where treatment is entirely free except for pharmacy costs to be borne by the patient), we got in touch with them. Since we had a common objective of reaching out to indigent patients, our Trust felt that they could be a good choice as one of the partners for our health-care support programme.
The priority area we chose for collaboration during 2019-20 was treatment of neonates born prematurely, where the baby gets less time to develop in the womb. Infants so born have extremely low to low birth-weight, and a host of associated complications such as difficulty in breathing, cardiac problems, brain problems, temperature control problems, gastrointestinal issues, blood disorders like early onset and late onset sepsis, hyperbilirubinemia, impaired metabolism and immune system related problems. The conditions manifested could imply severe risk to the life of the neonate. Hence an intervention for the treatment of the neonate was flt important as it plays a vital role in determining the future of the baby.
Babies who have unusually severe lung disease or are very premature may need a lot of oxygen and pressure from the ventilator to survive. Prematurely born babies generally need to be kept on Ventilator support for as much as two weeks on an average.
Since the multi-speciality Hospital already had an NICU in operation which they planned to strengthen and expand, our Trust donated to them two neonate ventilators which are being well utilized for the past 6 months. We look forward to a continued association with the Mandal in this noble cause of providing “Solace to the Suffering” which is their underlying motto.
This initiative would benefit a large number parents from the region who belong to socially less privileged families as their newborns with birth-related complications and problems would get a lease of life due to the treatment and care provided by the Hospital and the usage of ventilators to save the lives of the neonates.

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